Jan Geht

Prison for failing to pay employment taxes

It is an unfortunate reality that businesses often have cash flow problems.  A common (and also unfortunate) approach that business owners take is to hold of on turning over to the IRS employment taxes.  Most business owners know that they become personally liable for a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (“TFRP”).  Almost no business owner thinks that he/she could go to jail for it.  A West Virginia business owner will do just that.

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Another tax protestor goes to jail

Sometimes, I am asked by prospective clients about my views on various tax protester theories.  A tax protester is someone who does not believe that they are subject to a federal income tax.  The IRS has an entire website dedicated to debunking these theories and I warn the prospective clients that they could go to jail if they rely on them.  For some reason, they never come back to me :)  A few weeks ago, one of the tax protesters (no connection to me) was convicted by a jury in Maryland.

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