We hold the confidentiality of each and every client in the highest regard. We take great measures to ensure that any information concerning our clients is maintained in strict confidence.

Governed by the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, our policy prohibits the disclosure of any information relating to a client or a case to any person or entity outside of our office. The issue of confidentiality is stressed both in the interviewing process as well as in the orientation of new employees. In addition, our office regularly reemphasizes the importance of maintaining client confidentiality at monthly staff meetings and during annual office meetings at which all attorneys and staff members attend.

Anyone entering our building must be greeted by office personnel in our reception area in order to gain entry into the office. Meetings with clients and third parties are conducted primarily in our conference rooms and not in the offices of the attorneys to prevent inadvertent exposure to confidential information. Passwords are required to log on to our computer and voicemail systems. All vendors who enter our office are required to sign an agreement to preserve the confidentiality of any information to which they may be exposed for any reason.

We respect the highly sensitive and personal nature of the matters brought to us by our clients, and we will continue to offer our clients the peace of mind that their matters will remain privileged and confidential.